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tiny plant

Tiny Mini Plant

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Tiny Mini Plant

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a Tiny little plant
is a small live gift of wonderful nature.

As a manufacturer we are supplying tiny plant anywhere.


tiny plant
Enjoy a tiny plant in hand.
a little relax in simple modern life.


Please note that below plants would be changed a bit according to situation without prior notice.



Succulent Plant

Love Chain
Rose Moss (new)


Rose Moss







(Matched Colorful String)

(Display Show)

(watering method & size)


- Watering time
Soaka plant only one times every 1 to 2 week for one minutes
as picture above
(through 4 hole placed in bottom part).
- All above plant like sunshine and wind due to characteristic of succulent plant.

- After growing
You can transplant Tiny plant from capsule to flowerpot after opening capsule cover
when you feel plant not to grow anymore in small space of capsule .

- The expected life time in capsule
It is approximately above four months or one year depending on surrounding environment.

- Please do not stay plant to the direct sunshine ande in big difference of temperature for long time .

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