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(61 - 70 out of 102 total Selling Leads)

  • Sell Preventive Mouthpiece For Bruxism

    (Features) - Have a good sleep using Preventive Mouthpiece for Bruxism. - It protect tooth like molar. - It help to occlude well between the upper teeth and lower one. - It support...
    Related Keywords : Mouthpiece, Bruxism

    Sell Preventive Mouthpiece For Bruxism

  • Sell Foot Callus Remover

    ( Features) - Like a multi-bladed shaver, plenty of ceramic foams remove callus safely and almost perfectly. - Appropriate strength and size of foams to remove callus. - Ergonomical...
    Related Keywords : Callus Remover, bath, foot

    Sell Foot Callus Remover

  • Sell Clean Water Shower

    (Features) - keep the oral clean through powerful water with above 1000 rpm spraying from nozzle. - Make teeth clean as remove food particles and bacteria between gums. - Simple...
    Related Keywords : Shower

    Sell Clean Water Shower

  • Sell Callus Shaver

    (Features) - Effective removal of foot's callus. - Also useful in shaving under the arms and body. - Shave safely like razor due to safety guard. - Remove callus with a very little...
    Related Keywords : corneous, razor, foot, health care

    Sell  Callus Shaver

  • Sell Sit Up exercise

    (Features) - This is very convenient product to carry easily. - This is very compact item and enjoy your exercise in door anywhere. (How to install) 1. Put fixed...
    Related Keywords : Sit Up, exercise

    Sell Sit Up exercise

  • Sell Health Pillow With Elevation Adjustable Airbag

    (Features) -It helps you sleep soundly adapting for the condition of your body with an elevation adjustable airbag. - An ideal pillow to be right for human body. - Pillow must be...
    Related Keywords : Pillow

    Sell Health Pillow With Elevation Adjustable Airbag

  • Sell Multi- Clippers

    (Features) 1. Nali Clippers 2. Nail File 3. Screwdriver 4. Scissors 5. Blade 6. Key Ring 7. Patent 8. Size : 57 x 17 x 10 mm 9. Packing Size ( PB ) : 117 x 45 x 15 mm 10....
    Related Keywords : Nail Care, Pedicure, Personal Care, gift

    Sell Multi- Clippers

  • Sell Battery Extender Power Sheet for Mobile Phone

    (Features) ① 2-th battery : Restoring and anti-aging for the Li-ion battery Li-ion 2th battery aging is originated from inside electrodes or electrolyte accumulated slugs grown up....
    Related Keywords : Mobile Phone Batteries, Mobile Phone Accessory

    Sell Battery Extender Power Sheet for Mobile Phone

  • Sell Spreaders gel for bent big toe

    (Features) - This was developed for correcting bent big toe. - It is a simple and easy way to use. - Big toe is not bent as this widen between toes. - It keep good effect for long...
    Related Keywords : toe, health, care

    Sell Spreaders gel for bent big toe

  • Sell Cupping body massage

    (Features) - Super strong, super simple. - Using air pressure used in cupping apparatus mechanism. - Chooses the way that inhales the Cellulite part and pulls each other for the...
    Related Keywords : massage, health, beauty

    Sell Cupping body massage

(61 - 70 out of 102 total Selling Leads)

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